I'm unbelievably excited to be published in Best Lesbian Erotica 2015 - an annual anthology of the freshest writing from leading contemporary authors of lesbian fiction. Coming out February 10, 2015!

Best lesbian erotica 2015



Curated by the legendary Laura Antoniou, Best Lesbian Erotica 2015 features the fiercest, freshest stories of girlsex. These erotic tales will make you want to call your babe in the middle of the afternoon and read aloud to make her squirm. With scenarios of finding lust backstage at a USO show, a young woman tempting Athena herself and a couple becoming the in-flight entertainment, this collection of women on the prowl will take over your fantasies. This year’s volume covers every coupling, from vanilla to kinky and every place in between, with seductive, demanding, beguiling characters. By the end, you’ll be compelled by sheer erotic need to find your own red-hot adventure.


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Smutty short stories

Best lesbian erotica 2015

A sultry night in a Mediterranean village inspires Rebekkah and Eli to realise a very hot fantasy.


A lesbian short erotic tale of outdoor sex, objectification and domination.

'This’ll do,’ she said. She shoved me against the side of the car, and I stumbled. Although the night was very warm, I shivered. Eli’s expression softened and she kissed me surprisingly tenderly, holding my face in her hands. I sighed, feeling myself relax, and at the same moment, her teeth sank into my lower lip, biting down until tears sprang into my eyes. The hands that had been gentle tangled into my hair, giving it a harsh tug. She pulled back and looked into my face, satisfied. ‘That’s the last kiss I’ll be giving you tonight,’ she said.


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Best lesbian erotica 2015

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Being watched was more than an urge for her; it was a consuming obsession. 

A chance experience in her teens sparked a passion that would mean more to her than many of her lovers. That was, until she met Alicia, who wasn't willing to be second best to her self-loving desires.

A lesbian short erotic tale of exposure and restraint, up on the fifteenth floor. 

"I think how I must look, obscenely exposed to the world, and I am flooded with embarrassment, but Alicia is exerting a strange power over me, and I don’t seriously consider moving away."

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